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Body Shaping and Muscle Toning at Medical Aesthetics

The new body treatment we offer at Medical Aesthetics called Physiq, is a new and advanced service that helps with fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle building. This procedure takes up to 36 minutes and is performed one time a week for the absolute best results possible!

Why Choose The Physiq Treatment For Fat Reduction And Muscle Toning?

This new development in cosmetic treatments provides patients with a non-surgical body contouring service that can assist them in getting the figure they want.

To bring your body to the “next level,” Physiq body contouring employs a mix of heat and energy to burn fat and tone muscles. Physiq tackles the patient’s problem areas to get the best, most realistic outcomes possible with zero downtime involved.

How Does Physiq Work?

The Physiq device is a body shaping and muscle toning device that has been authorized by the FDA. The simultaneous treatment of fat and muscle is made possible by Physiq’s innovative 850 nm diode laser and electromagnetic stimulation technology.

The PHYSIQ laser is the only laser that makes use of STEP, also referred to as the Sequential Thermal and Electrical Pulses technology.

Superluminescent Diode Matrix and Electrical Muscle Stimulation technologies are used in the four separate applicators to more precisely target fat.

Many individuals prefer a more toned look because of the special ability to activate muscles and burn fat at the same time. The laser therapy breaks down fat cells, and activating the muscles may improve muscular tone.

What To Expect During A Physiq Treatment

The region being treated will first be shaved down for more precise use. You will be informed of any additional pre-appointment steps during your first medical consultation. The four applicators will be dispersed around the treatment area and held in place by a soft band. During the course of the treatment, clients may anticipate feeling some minor warmth on their skin, but nothing more.

How Much Time Does It Take To Recover?

There is almost no downtime after receiving a Physiq laser treatment, which is fantastic for patients. The most important things to keep in mind are to stay away from saunas, showers, and baths that are too hot, to keep your body hydrated, and to shield your skin from the sun for a few days following your treatment.

Is The Physic Treatment Safe?

Because of how consistently the temperature is maintained, the Physiq laser is regarded as one of the safest on the market. There won’t be any uncomfortable heat spikes for clients to deal with. The skin’s temperature will remain stable and scarcely increase over the body’s usual temperature when combined with contact cooling during the course of the therapy.

How Many Physiq Sessions Will I Require?

It is advised to schedule five sessions, each 7-10 days apart. But because every person is unique, you will receive a customized plan during your consultation.

Learn More About The Physiq Treatment At Medical Aesthetics

With the help of our Physiq treatments, you can break down fat cells and promote beautifully contoured muscles in just a few quick sessions. To learn more or to book your consultation please call our experts!

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